"Cooking With Buck"
Healthy Home-Made Recipes for Your Dog
Your Solution For A Healthy Best Friend For The Long Haul!
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Why shouldn't you feed commercial dog food to your dog?
It is well known that the more natural or less processed the food, the better it is for people.  Dr. Jeff Hirsch takes this a step further in his new book, "Cooking with Buck, Healthy Recipes for Dogs."  He has taken this philosophy to heart and applied it to his patients and seen phenomenal results.  "What got me started wondering was the overwhelming number of clients coming to me with skin and intestinal issues," says Dr. Jeff.  "The more I started connecting the dots, the more it made sense!"  Now he recommends home-made diets frequently, and having to write them down and copy them on a daily basis let to the creation of this book.  "I want to help all pet owners, not just the ones who come into my office."
"I have seen the results in my own pets!"
One of our cats is a long time vomiting cat.  We used to be cleaning up on a daily basis.  On the homemade diets, he hasn't thrown up at all!  And he loves it.
- Susie Hirsch, DVM
Dog food that tastes good?
Want your kids eating the dog's food, and not having to worry about it?  Now they'll eat it because it tastes great!
Healthier Dogs = Happier Dogs (and Owners)
Your dogs will be healthier in the short and long term when you make the decision to start cooking for them, just like you do for the rest of the family. You'll be leaving out the preservatives and chemicals their bodies weren't meant to have, and just feeding wholesome ingredients you yourself could eat!
Do You Want Your Dog To Be As Vibrant, Energetic And Playful As He Was When He Was A Puppy?
It all starts with the right nutrition and whole, quality foods.  Here at Cooking With Buck, we understand what your dog means to you and that you want to keep him around as long as possible, while being as healthy as possible.  You want to give him natural foods, because that is what his ancestors in the wild had, and were made to live off.  It hasn't been all that many years since commercial dog food made its appearance, and guess what else is making an unwelcome appearance?  Food allergies, hormonal disorders, cancer, and tumors at an unprecedented rate.  We search for answers right and left, and it usually comes back to nature.  So start feeding your dog what comes natural, we'll bet you'll start to think more about what you put in your mouth as well!

What is your dog worth to you?
Three Mistakes To Avoid Every Time You Feed Your Pet
Americans spend more than 58 Billion dollars on over 144 million dogs and cats every year.  How much of this is spent on food that is actually bad for your pet?
If you truly love your pet, there are three mistakes to avoid when feeding them:
  • Feeding Commercial Pet Food - the ingredient list includes chemicals not allowed in human food, and preservatives that allow meat products to keep for months at room temperature
  • Overfeeding - leads to obesity, arthritis and a myriad of other health problems
  • Handing Out Table Scraps - can lead to life threatening diseases like pancreatitis and diabetes
"You'll be amazed at the difference you see, and by how much they love it!"
Dr. Jeff Hirsch
Author of "Cooking With Buck"
Start Your Dog Down The Road To Better Health And A Longer Life
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